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In the matter of matrimony Indian society shows diametric opposites. Young adults are arranging their own marriages irrespective cast and creed and on other end couples going to courts for their security and cases for honour killing, other part we have institution of arranged marriages, where matches are fixed on monetary consideration so on that part marriage is commerce.

The members/relatives/neighbours do not consider girl/boy in love marriage, like arranged marriages. While in arranged marriages couple have not sufficient time to understand each other so it depends on their understating .

At the time of disputes, good/refine/opinion can be a key to solve the disputes but bad/oblique opinion can destroy the home as well as hope of solution.

The laws in case of marriages are supporting females than males but it depends matter to matter and we can’t say that every male/female is wrong.

The cases of dowry under section 498-A, 406 IPC domestic violence, divorce, maintenance are increasing day by day.

The Role of Lawyers, Counselor, Police & Service Provider is Important.

We are trying to “save homes, save persons in troubles” our we have specilatest for materianial matters, who are giving solutions, our aim is not to break the home but trying to remove dust from the relations of couples. We even try to solve matrimonial matters through counseling and if it does not worksthen we suggest legal remeady for these type disputes. In legal remedies, we are providing legal services from family court/trial court to supreme court. We are saving interest of families as well as males.

We provides remedies:

1. counseling
2. restitution of conjugal rights
3. divorce
4. property disputes between spouses
5. Child custody
6. Matters in special marriage act

Guardian & Custody

We do not peruse the person aggrieve to put up with unbearable situation. After taking counselor if you still think that your marriage has boken down, we will help you to sort out the arrangements that have to be made when terminates marriage.


I sword of fake cases is handing on you neck, we will help you.
Area of practice : Divorce Lawyers
1. Mutual consent Divorce
2. Annulment of marriage
3. Contested Divorce
4. Foreign Divorce
5. NRI Legal services
6. 498-A and allied criminal proceedings
7. domestic violence
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