• Registration Number Convert Into LLP:- ABZ-4159

Here we represent both, employee and employer before every legal and departmental. Forum. We represent at Rajasthan Appellate Tribunal Central Administrative Tribunal, RNGEIT, Arm force Tribunal, High Court, Supreme Court for:

(i) Recruitment matter
(ii) Promotion matter
(iii) Matters related to salary and other
(iv) Work place conditions
(v) Discrimination in services
(vi) Dismissal for services Labour matter

Job is basic need for every person to get money so that he/she can discharge family and social obligations. So every person is involved in job/service as per his/her ability, eligibility and qualification in public or private sector. 

The Parliament and State Legislation made various service laws to govern employee and employers. A large number of person are involved in this sector, thus it is not exceptional to arise dispute between employee and employer. There are many categories of disputes between employees and employers.

Unfortunately, civil litigation is an unavoidable reality in the business world and not all problems can be prevented. When faced with litigation, we work efficiently and effectively to find cost-effective solutions for our client’s problems. We seek every opportunity for early termination of lawsuits, but when forced into the courthouse our highly experienced and dedicated attorneys vigorously fight for our clients.

Whether we are representing employers or employees, we are committed to providing effective, yet efficient representation. We are committed to use the full breadth of our knowledge, experience, and expertise to secure a positive resolution of every case, whether it involves an individual or a class of thousands.

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