Exemption of Black Coat/Gown In Summers

In response to the extreme summer heat, the Karnataka High Court, through a circular issued on April 16, has granted a temporary exemption to advocates appearing in district and trial courts from the requirement to wear black coats. Advocates are now permitted to wear plain white shirts, salwar-kameez, or sarees of any muted color, accompanied […]

The Story Behind Fake Rape Cases

We used the word “story” because there is always a victim’s and accused’s backstory attached to every rape case. Additionally, Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code, which punishes rape, carries a severe penalty in our nation. However, girls frequently take advantage of this provision by fabricating a tale against the male to trap him […]

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The Impact of the Pandemic and Economic Downturn on Corporate Insolvency

The pandemic and economic downturn have affected companies initiating insolvency proceedings under the India Bankruptcy Code (IBC) in various ways: • Increase in Insolvency Cases: Companies are struggling to meet their financial obligations, leading to corporate insolvency. It refers to a situation where a company is unable to meet its financial obligations. • Operational Challenges: […]

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Revisiting Symbol Allocation: Supreme Court to Scrutinize Election Commission’s ‘First Come First Serve’ Rule’

The Supreme Court is set to examine the Election Commission’s rule regarding the allotment of symbols of political parties and candidates on a “First Come, First serve basis.” The move comes in response to a petition filed by a political party challenging the current practice, which they are given is unfair and arbitrary. The ‘First […]

sbi electoral bonds

Legal Implications of the Recent Disclosure of Electoral Bond Data by the Election Commission

In a significant development, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has complied with the directives of the Supreme Court by uploading electoral bond data on its website. This move comes after the apex court’s ruling, terming the 2018 electoral bond scheme as “unconstitutional.” As legal practitioners committed to upholding the principles of transparency and legality, […]

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